Our Team

Erin ODonnell

Erin O'Donnell, Founder

Erin started thinking about forming a community workshop in 2014 while working as a freelance journalist, interviewing small business owners. She had just completed her first furniture refinishing project. That’s when she hit on the idea of creating a space for people to build their own projects, with the help and support of an expert, creative community. Erin loves to see old items repurposed and upcycled, because she herself is repurposing her skills into a second career. She believes everyone, and everything, has a second act in them.

Holly von Winckel

Holly von Winckel, Safety Czar & Instructor

Holly still has all her fingers.

But wait. There’s more.

If you ask her what she does, Holly is likely to say, “I make things.” If pressed, she’ll admit that making messes seems to be her #1 occupation, but that she has so many ways to make the messes! And her end products are beautiful, useful and sometimes consumable.

In addition to teaching classes at Dovetail, Holly owns Cut & Dry Lumber Company LLC, a brand new urban lumber company in Albuquerque. Its mission is to reduce wood waste and increase local resources, jobs, and sustainable living.

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Dan Novak

Dan Novak, Instructor

Dan has been woodworking since he was a kid with his dad and his construction business, but he really got into fine woodworking when he moved to Albuquerque. For the past 10 years or so Dan has been slowly gathering all of the tools needed to build whatever he wants to build.

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James Owen

James Owen, Instructor

James has been woodworking, as a hobbyist, since about 1981. He is mostly self-taught (with the help of lots of books, videos, magazine articles, and the creation of more designer firewood than he wants to admit). He has focused on traditional hand tool woodworking since about 2003.

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Don - Woodturning

Don Roden, Instructor and Resident Woodworker

Alex Wetzel, Instructor

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