Book Shop Time & Services


We are requiring members to book shop time in advance so we may maintain social distancing and reduced capacity in the shop. Booking is available to current members and punch card holders. You may also purchase a day pass if you have taken Dovetail’s orientation course.

You may also use this feature to request custom milling, cutting or other services to be performed by Dovetail staff.


  • Reservations are available every quarter hour. You may work up to 3 hour per reservation even though on the calendar it appears that you have only 25 minutes. (It’s structured that way to allow multiple bookings.)
  • The final time slot of the day begins 1.5 hours before closing; you will have only 1.5 hours to work if you book this slot. Open hours are 10am-8 pm Wednesday and Thursday; 11 am-5pm Friday thru Sunday.
  • In the appointment notes, estimate how much time you’ll be in the shop (a rough guess is fine).
  • If you need more than 3 hours, please make a second appointment.
  • You must book your time at least 4 hours in advance.
  • If you need to cancel please give at least 3 hours notice.
  • Shop capacity is restricted to 4 members at a time.
  • You may book via email/phone if the online system isn’t working for you. or 505-926-1693.

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