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Sharpening Edged Tools

Hand Tools

Learn techniques for sharpening edged tools such as chisels and plane irons for great performance!

In this class, you will learn about:
– How to tune up and sharpen your edged tool;
– Sharpening safety;
– What “sharpness” is;
– Types of tool steel, advantages and disadvantages, and common woodworking tool applications;
– Types of sharpening methods;
– Quick overview of powered grinders and electric sharpening methods;
– Shop aids to help you sharpen more effectively.

(We will NOT cover carving gouges or knives in this class.)

This class is part of our Hand Tool Academy series. For a complete introduction to hand tools, register for at least three classes in the series and get a discount!


If available, students should bring the following. We will have some practice items available too.

- An edged tool that needs sharpening, but is otherwise in good condition (plane iron, bench chisel, spoke shave iron, drawknife)
- Your sharpening method (to include: oil, if oil stones; a stone pond/water basin of some sort, if water stones)
- A sharpening jig
- Sharpening stone holder(s)
- Safety glasses

You may bring more than one tool; if time allows, we will attempt to sharpen the additional tools. Please DO NOT bring heavily damaged tools (severely chipped/gouged, bent, heavy rust, deep pitting, etc.). If you’d like an additional class on edged tool rehabilitation and tune-up please let the instructor know.


- Sharpening Methods: water stones, diamond stones, ceramic stones, oil stones, sandpaper method
- Sharpening jigs
- Plane irons, chisels, spoke shave irons, draw knives
- Stone holders
- Angle checker
- 1 can light oil
- Bench hook
- Combination square