Shop Services


Let us do the work for you. We offer rip and cross cutting, milling and squaring of rough lumber, and light repairs. Please make an appointment to bring in your work.

EXCEPTIONS: We do not perform finishing, painting, antique restoration, or precision milling such as for luthier work (musical instruments). 

What We Offer

Cutting Lumber/Plywood

Rip and cross cut most materials up to 2.5 inches thick

Cost: $40 per half hour

Large Panel Sanding

Sand wide boards, planks, epoxy/wood tabletops and glue-ups on the drum sander, 25 inch width maximum

Cost: $40 per half hour

NOTE: There is an additional belt replacement fee of $50 for processing epoxy projects  

Milling / Squaring

Square up and surface rough boards up to 15 inches in width

Cost: $40 per half hour

Light Repairs

Call or email for an evaluation and estimate. Price varies.