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Woodworking Classes + Members Workshop



Dovetail Community Workshop offers woodworking classes for all skill levels, and memberships for those with experience to use the shop for their own projects. Click to learn more.


Members have access to a fully equipped wood shop, including storage space. The shop is always supervised. The best part? You have an extra set of hands whenever you need it, and experienced woodworkers to ask for guidance.


If you don’t have the tools or expertise to make the cuts you need, we can do it for you. We offer custom cutting, milling for rough lumber, and light repairs. Contact us to discuss your project needs.


new dovetail giftcard.jpg

Give the maker in your life what they really want: time and space to create with a Dovetail Gift Card! Buy here electronically, or come to the shop to buy a physical card.

Not sure how much to give? May we suggest:

$25 - Orientation Fee

$75 - 1 Month Membership

$75 - Small Project Classes

$100+ - Furniture Classes, Skills Series, etc.


Dovetail offers classes to make fun projects and help you build general woodworking skills. No membership required, and many are geared toward beginners.


Joseph P., Google

Just took orientation class with the owner Erin, and I was impressed by the facilities, professionalism of the staff, and all of the possibilities! Can't wait to take a class on wood-turning or finishing.

Alice S., Google

I took the wood turning class with Don and it was really an amazing experience. It was a very small class, only three of us! We all had a ton of time actually working on the lathe. The whole workshop is awesome and I plan on going to more classes.

Mike D., Google

I love this place. If you're experienced or just a noob, Dovetail Community Workshop is a great place to learn and work. Lots of space and good folks all around.

Nicole T., Google

It wasn’t has hard or intimidating as it originally seemed. Erin was so good with direction and helping me navigate large power tools! I came out of a Dovetail session extremely empowered and ready for more!!!!!

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